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The Reading Response to COVID-19 and School Cosures

In the unprecedented times that we are now facing this online resource aimd to provide a simple collection of materials to support the teaching of guided reading at home.

How is this different to just 'hearing reading'?

We will take a range of texts and share extracts that can be read or listened to at home. The texts are carefully selected, deliberately ambitious and challenging. The guided questions will help parents and carers ask children to think about these texts in three different ways.

Question 1: Retrieval - these questions will be asking pupils to find something from the text, an example or quote, to be able to give their answer.

Question 2: Inference - these questions will be asking pupils to infer meaning. They will have to think carefully about the anwer and work out something that is 'between the lines', or not apparent through retrieval alone.

Question 3: Meaning - these questions will explore deeper meanings related to the theme of the text. These will be related to 'big ideas' or philosophical concepts.

Pupils can discuss these questions with their parents, carers or teachers. They may provide written answers and send them to our team of teachers as attachments to our contact form. We'll display some examples and give feedback through our site but please note that not all the work we receive can be displayed.

Finally, if you'd like to share any of the answers via The Reading School Podcast then use the contact form and we'll be happy to arrange this too.

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