1.  What is the impact on the reader of the short sentences used in this extract?

1.  How do we know that the cart has been badly damaged and can you find two examples that would suggest this?

2.  Is the authors choice of 'thought he saw a face' more effective than just 'he saw a face'?  If so, why?

2.  What do we think is being referred to as 'the destroyer'?  Why might 'the destroyer' be a particularly appropriate choice of language?

3.  Is fear greater when it is known or unknown?

3.  What objects or technologies might a character like Toad be amazed by in the modern day?  What are you amazed by? 

Why?  What else might it be?

What might it be 50 years from now?

Can an obsession be a positive thing?

When can it be a force for good?

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