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Children's Work

On this page we will share examples of the children's work.  Your child can produce written responses, they can draw, they can paint...we are looking for imaginative creations to share with the world and will post our favourites here.

Please note, by sending your work to The Reading School you also grant permission for us to publish it on this page.  You do, however, retain full ownership of the work.

‘Among the White Clouds’ - ‘Cold Mountain’ by Han-Shan

Mehak Tahir

Inspired by Unit 4, in ‘Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum 6-9’, ‘Among the White Clouds’ - ‘Cold Mountain’ by Han-Shan

As the hinges creaked open, a handful of dust flew in through

the gap, which made me sneeze. A shining light blasted in,

nearly making me blind. The door opened, a group of

finger-pricking cacti could be seen in the distance.

In the foreground, I could see an arid desert. It was as dry as a

pineapple, not cut or washed. Crabs’ and scorpions’ clicking

claws could be heard. I could taste the fresh smell of dates

hanging on palm trees.

I stepped out and the feet-burning sand burnt my feet. Looking

closer, I saw old and enchanted bones laying on the sand. Huge

temples stood with doors to enter.

Mehak Tahir

Greenacres Primary Academy, Oldham

‘Wind’ by Dionne Brand

Archie Nelson

Inspired by unit one ‘Wind’ by Dionne Brand from ‘Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum 6-9’

Wind is Awoken

I have awoken from my deep slumber,

On a distant island,

I flattened trees,

And softened soil

And left a bear cub hanging from a branch,

I pushed the water to clean up my dirty work.

I carried aloft on the winds and the breeze,

Arousing to rapture the earth and the seas.

I capsized a small boat,

I created strong currents,

To waves settling on the seashore,

I came to a park,

I gently brushed the flowers and trees,

I then pushed a sailboat to help it on its journey.

I accidentally tumbled into a soft cloud.

I became a breeze, bored and tired, and hovered and hung, and

rustled and lay where I could.

Archie Nelson

I Came in the Night

I came in the night,

Luminous black,

Dashing, darting,

I made the street lamps flicker and jerk as I swept by,

I saw the foxes and owls capture their prey,

I stole the last of the voices; I threw them into the sea,

I grasped the clocks’ midnight chimes and muted the

awakening sound,

And then the sun,

The burning rays,

The blinding light,

I fled to the misty shadows and disappeared.

Faith Gorman

Red Barn Primary, Gosport, Hampshire

‘Hurt No Living Thing’ by Christina Rossetti

Indigo Targett

Inspired by Unit 3, ‘Mini-Beast Magic’ -  ‘Hurt No Living Thing’ by Christina Rossetti in ‘Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum 6-9’

Beautiful bugs,

Even snails and slugs,

The ladybird’s wings

And the cricket’s springs

When the delicate moths

And the grasshopper hops,

Kind butterflies and beetles

Scuttle by when the worms

Wriggle gently and the earwigs

Eat earscreechingly

The bees buzz beautifully

Beautiful bugs.

Indigo Targett

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